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Fayetteville R/C is a small, friendly club that enjoys the sport of R/C flying.  The club has about 30 members flying a variety of aircraft.  Ages range from 14 to 70.  Dues are $75 per year, and AMA membership is required.  The field has no known radio interference.  We have a near neighbor, so please consider them in all we do.

Club History
The club formed in the 1960s and flew for many years at Fort Bragg.  The club originally was known as Ft. Bragg Model Airplane Club.  The earliest AMA record of the club is for the 1970 charter year.  The president was Lee Quarterman, the vice president was Robert Jockisch, and the secretary/treasurer was Raymond Dupere.  In 1978, the club changed its name to Fayetteville Aeromodeling Society.  This likely corresponded with its move from Ft. Bragg.  Records from 1997 indicate name change to Fayetteville R/C Club.  In the early 1990s, the club moved to its current location off of John Nunnery Road.  In November, 2007 AMA records were changed to reflect the name as Fayetteville R/C Club.  In April of 2014 the club relocated to 5962 Sidney Bullard Road, Stedman, NC.  This site offers flight over hayfields and limited neighbors rather than row crop production. We hope to have a long history here.
Richard Browning, a member from 1973-1976, related his experience with the club while it was still on Fort Bragg.  Richard was in the 325th Infantry.  Paul Yacabucci was club president at the time.  Paul was also a Warrant Officer and ran a program at Ft. Bragg building and flying models for aerial target practice. The 325th shot at them with M16s and M60s.  The models were Lanier comets with  K&B or Veco 61 power.  Billy Meadows was on special duty, reporting to Paul Yacabucci, and was to expected to builld and fly the models for aerial target practice. 
Meetings and other Events
Club meetings are held at the field the second Sunday of the month.
A few times throughout the year, BBQ events for members are held.  Club members show up in force with the enticement of food!
We have also hosted student engineers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT, in 2005 and 2006.   Students working on UAV and RPV aircraft gained experience during the winter months flying at the club field.
Our club facilities have been used for Scouting events. Our members have flown flights at other locations for Scouts and children's orphanages. 
2014 Club Officers
Bill Davis, President                                        
Scott Happel, Secretary/Treasurer         
Mark Hancock, Safety Officer              

Fayetteville RC Club
AMA Silver Leader