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Fayetteville R/C Club

AMA #680

Flying Site Safety Rules


1.          Abide by the AMA Official Aircraft Safety Codes posted at the club shelter.

2.          Each transmitter must posses and display the club frequency pins before being switched on.

3.          First time flights for new or repaired model aircraft shall not be done during peak spectator attendance periods.

4.          Children are not permitted in the pit or flight stations unless, they are an AMA member or training in the club intro pilot program

5.          The frequency control plan is in force at all times.

6.          Flight operations will stop during rain or electrical storms.

7.          Models will yield the right of way to full-size aircraft and fly only in designated areas.  The designated area is bounded by a line parallel with the runway on the west, tree line on the east and south, and by the access road on the north.

8.          No flying or diving in the direction of the pit and spectator area.

9.          All models shall be shutdown upon entering taxi area and carried or pushed to the pit area.

10.     Helicopters must be carried between the flight line and pit area.  No hovering in the pits.  Helicopters are to be flown from the flight line in the aircraft pattern.  Setup or adjustment should be done at the south end of the pit area.

11.      Members are expected to leave the site clean and free of trash.  Cigarette butts should be disposed of in an appropriate container.

12.     Behavior at the site is to be safe, friendly and courteous.  Foul language, belligerent behavior, offensive remarks or dress, violence, threats, actions that require excessive space or transmitter function, violations of AMA rules or Fayetteville R/C Club rules shall be stopped at request of a member.  A formal grievance, in accordance with bylaws, may be filed to enforce these rules.

Fayetteville R/C Club

AMA #680

Flying Site Operational Rules


1.                      Flying or engine testing is from 9:00 am to Dusk.

2.                      Only pilots and assistants are allowed on the flight line

3.                      Testing or run in of engines should be performed near the end of the pit area.

4.                      Shelter should not be used as a pit area.

5.                      Pilot must have proof of AMA membership to fly.

6.                      Pilot shall announce loudly the intent to land, takeoff or emergency situations.  All pilots to yield to emergency situations such as a dead stick.

7.                      Aircraft restraints are mandatory as are effective mufflers.

8.                      It is not recommended to fly alone

9.                      Compliance and enforcement of these safety rules is responsibility of each member

Fayetteville RC Club
AMA Silver Leader