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Fayetteville R/C Club Bylaws


Article I: Name of Organization

The name of the club shall be the Fayetteville R/C Club.

Article II: Purpose

The Fayetteville R/C Club is a nonprofit organization for the purpose of providing a safe and enjoyable location in which to fly model aircraft.

Article III: Officers and Duties

A.      The President: shall preside at Club meetings and shall act as a spokesperson for the club.  The office is also charged with execution of the Club bylaws, rules, policy and other club actions.  He should also enforce AMA rules.

B.      The Vice President: shall act for the president when unavailable or requested by President.  He may be given duties and responsibilities by the President.

C.      Secretary/Treasurer: shall keep the minutes of all Club meetings and attendance rolls of meetings.  He shall be responsible for all Club correspondence as direct by the Club President.  He shall inform and submit to AMA requested and required documentation.  He will account for the control of the club property as directed.  He shall collect, distribute and record monies for the club.  He shall make all records available to any member upon request.

D.     Safety Officer.  The Safety Officer is responsible for the safety of all members and visitors while on Club property.  Infraction of Club rules should be brought to the attention of the Safety Officer for proper action.  Proper action shall include immediate consultation with the person committing unsafe acts.

Article IV: Terms of Office

A.      All officers of the club shall serve for a term of one year.

B.      Officers shall be elected from nomination during the November meeting.  The election of officers shall be by vote during the December meeting.  A simple majority of those members present at the December meeting will elect all officers. 

C.      If the club President is unable to complete his term then the Vice-President shall fill the vacancy.  If any other officer is unable to fill his office then the officers of the club shall appoint a person to fulfill that role


Article V: Regular Business

A.      All regular and special meetings shall be presided over by the Club President.  If the Club President is not available, assumption shall be by order listed in Article 2 of this bylaw

B.      Quorum at any Club meeting is 5 members, including at least one officer.  Quorum is required to hold the meeting and conduct business.  Except as provided elsewhere in this bylaw.  A simple majority is required for acceptance of Club business.  In case of tie vote the President’s or highest officer present, vote shall be accepted as final.

C.      The club officers shall be allowed to make or authorize expenditures up to $75 per month as deemed necessary for Club Business.  Records of such expenditures shall be furnished to and maintained by the Club Secretary/Treasurer.  Expenditures in excess of $75 shall be approved by a majority vote at any Club meeting.

Article VI: Membership, Dues and Assessments

A.      Membership in the Club shall be considered after the prospective member has completed a membership application and presented his or her current AMA card or AMA return receipt to a Club Officer.  Membership shall be granted by a majority vote at any Club meeting.  Membership shall be for one calendar year.

B.      Youth memberships or second member from same household shall be $25 per year for a maximum of $120 per family.  New members joining between July 1 and September 30 shall pay one half the appropriate membership rate.  Those joining after October shall pay full common rate and membership will be valid through the following year.  Current members who let their membership lapse shall pay full common membership rate regardless of date dues were paid.

C.      Common membership dues shall be set by the club officers at posted at the club site no later than December 1 for the following year.

D.     As necessary, a one time assessment may be levied for specific purposes.  Following a motion at a regular or special meeting, all Club members must be notified by posting at the club field the assessment proposal.  Notification must be made 21 days prior to the next meeting.  At the next meeting a 2/3 vote will be required to pass the proposal.

Article VI: Special Committees

The committees of the club shall be appointed by the President as needed to serve throughout the intended purpose of the committee.

Article VIII: Amendments

Amendments to the Bylaws may be made by any current club member, by submitting to the club officer the amendment in written form to the Club officer presiding over the meeting.  The amendment shall then be read to the membership for discussion and debate, after which the member submitting the amendment shall place it before the membership in the form of a motion in its finalized form, to be seconded.  A copy of the proposed changes shall be posted at the club field at least 21 days prior to voting.  At the next regular meeting the motion will be voted on by those members in attendance with a majority vote required for passage.


A.      Members are expected to behave in a courteous, unselfish and safe manner.  Those who are not can be subject to discipline.

B.      Members are expected to obey the rules and regulations of the AMA, Club rules and bylaws.  Those who do not can be subject to discipline.

C.      When a member as been asked repeatedly to stop poor behavior or the offense is of a serious nature, a grievance can be filed against a member.  Any member in good standing can file a grievance.

D.     To file a grievance the complainant will fill out the grievance form, official form follows this article, and turn it into a Club officer.  One witness will be required.  Only complete grievance forms will be considered.

E.      The discipline committee shall be the President, Vice-President, Secretary/Treasurer and Safety Officer.  They have the authority to question, demand additional records, information, evidence or testimony and execute and resolve the grievance in accordance with these bylaws.  The complainants name will be disclosed.  If a grievance is considered illegitimate or unmerited then it is recorded as such and filed in the clubs record.  Posting of unmerited complaints is not required or desired.  Should the grievance be considered legitimate then disciplinary action will ensue.

F.       First Violation.  The records and evidence considered will be entered into club records.  The accused will be issued a verbal reprimand.  He will be informed of disciplinary procedure and consequence.  The findings will be posted at the club field.  Officers may elect for additional communication surrounding the grievance.

G.     Second Violation.  The records and evidence considered will be entered into club records.  A second grievance if found legitimate will result in suspension of the accused flying privileges for a period of 60 days.    The findings will be posted at the club field.  Officers may elect for additional communication surrounding the grievance.

H.     Third Violation.  The records and evidence considered will be entered into club records.  A third grievance, if found legitimate, will result in immediate suspension of flying privileges for at least 120 days and recommendation for expulsion of the accused from the club.    The findings will be posted at the club field.  Officers may elect for additional communication surrounding the grievance.

I.        Upon recommendation for expulsion, notice shall be given by posting at least 21 days prior to expulsion vote.  A two third majority of is required to expulse the accused. 

J.        Club officers can, upon review of grievance, accelerate disciplinary action and proceed to expulsion if they feel that is warranted.  They may also reduce action if appropriate time has elapsed since last grievance.  

K.      Reinstatement of an expulsed member is by a 2/3 majority of the membership where notice by posting at the club field at least 21 days prior to vote.  Reinstatement is only considered when accused has been expulsed for over a year.

L.       Any member receiving a grievance, who directs any retaliation against the complainant, will be subject to immediate expulsion under the above procedure.

M.   Expulsed or suspended members are not entitled to a rebate of the dues possessed by the club.


Fayetteville R/C Club Grievance Form


Date: ____________________ Time: _______________________

Nature of Violation:









Signature: ______________________________________


Witness: _______________________________________


Additional Witnesses (not required):






Received By: _________________________  Date: ____________________________



A.      Club Rules are to be maintained by the Secretary/Treasurer of the club.

B.      Club Rules are to be posted at the field.

C.      The club rules are to be read and discussed at the March, April or May club meeting.  It is the responsibility of the Safety Officer to complete this requirement.

D.     A simple majority at any regular club meeting is required to change a Club rule.

E.      Current club rules are enforceable by the officers, members and the bylaws of the Fayetteville R/C Club. 


Approved by club at April 6, 2014 meeting.






Fayetteville RC Club
AMA Silver Leader