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Fayetteville R/C Club always welcomes and encourages beginners.  We participate in the AMA introductory pilot program, maintain a club trainer and several members are eager to help, train or explain our sport. 

Probably the best way to explore the sport is to come to the field on a good looking Sunday.  There is nearly always someone there for the afternoon.  If you identify yourself as interested in R/C flying we'll be happy to explain.
The Academy of Model Aeronautics, AMA, sanctions our club and provides support and insurance for our activities.  They and the club offer programs to help you enjoy or learn the sport.
The AMA offers an introductory pilot program.  Fayetteville R/C Club participates in this program. One can fly free of cost for 60 days.  This gives you ample opportunity to become familiar with the sport.  The club provides equipment to use and personnel to help you fly and answer questions.
The AMA also offers a trail membership for 90 days for those with more skill or interest.  This lets you fly at the field as a guest without making a yearlong commitment.  The fees for this program are credited to a regular membership when you sign up for a full membership.
Fayetteville R/C Club also maintains a club trainer.  It is stored close to the field and readily available.  To give it a try just ask a club member.  We'll arrange, even on short notice, to let you fly with guidance from a club member.
To learn more about AMA programs click this link:
To Contact Fayetteville R/C email:
or contact:

Bill Davis           President            624-6422

Scott Happel      Secretary            322-8174

Mark Hancock   Safety officer      257-7309

A great primer on radio control is the Sig Basics of Radio Control book:

click here to download beginners document in PDF format

Fayetteville RC Club
AMA Silver Leader