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Check Back Later!  Web page under construction!
However here is what you will receive and near bottom is link for instructions

Discounts available for bulk orders.  P-51 and Zero kits available.  $55 each plus shipping.  Email me at:

Mike Fredricks
W8530 County Road S
Beaver Dam, WI


What you get:
CNC cut foam wing and fuselage.
Fiberglass rods for reinforcement of fuselage and wing spars and leading edge.
Plywood firewall, hold down reinforcements, trailing and leading edge reinforcements
Soda bottle cowl -- Nearly indestructable!
Vaccuformed canopy
Coroplast tailfeathers
Reinforcement cloth for servo rails
All balsa required. trailing edge sticks and ailerons


What you need:
6 oz Sullivan rectangle tank
foam safe CA or epoxy
Pro-bond or Gorilla glue polyurethane glue.
foam safe paint. regular house latex paint works great.
basic hobby tools including 2 small levels.
Pushrods and control horns
motor mount and engine

2548 Kits

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